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During the 1960s, Didim was a tiny fishing village of some 2000 residents.

Today, the district of Didim boasts a permanent, 12 month population of nearly 94,000. And between the months of April to October, this number can swell to beyond a quarter of a million – much of that growth has happened over the last 15 to 20 years, as the town has weathered the storms and ridden the waves of economic boom and bust and managed to keep itself on a definite upward trajectory.

During the 20 years that My Turkish Home has operated in the town (and bear in mind that the population numbered around 25,000 when we opened our first set of doors) we have witnessed:

  • The construction and opening of the $70 million marina, bringing retail, hospitality, glamour and a whole new vibe to the area.
  • Completion of the main Didim to Bodrum Airport road, reducing rtransfer time to less than an hour.
  • Construction of a central town square, professing to be the largest in Turkey. This provides a kay focus of many community activities, from hosting ‘iftar’ (breaking fof the fast) during Ramadan, to open air free public concerts featuring global stars..
  • The annual Vegfest has become a regular fixture, showcasing the cobbled streets of the ancient Didiyma district, and bringing in visitors fron all over the world.
  • Construction of a 4000 seat amphitheatre which will place Didim at the forefront as host of international events.
  • Complete refurbishment and renovation of the main beacj areas across the peninsular – from the gentrification of the Third Beach, right across to the pedestrian friendly renovations of Akbuk Bay.
  • The rise and rise of many neighbourhoods, developing their own identities.
  • Continuous improvements to the town;s transport infrastructure, with the modernisation of rough, potholed roads, and the connecting of different areas.
  • A swathe of green being washed over the town, with planting and landscaping projects in every neighbourhood.
  • Laying of new childrens’play areas, and adult exercsie areas in every neighbourhood to encouragethe healthy pursuits for all generations of Didim residents.
  • The demolition of old, grotty and often illegal buildings.

Every Didim proect has been driven by…

  • A pride in Turkey, its culture, and its future prospects.
  • A warm, welcoming, multi cultural acceptance of foreign visitors and ex-pats from all over the world.
  • Energy & entrepreneurship – a young, growing and success hungry population that is social media savvy and knows what it wants from the future.
  • A wealth of opportunities to bring in everyday, international consumer brands to lift the town to world class status.

As the population of Didim has increased, so have the businesses and institutions required to serve these people – banks, schools, supermarkets, insurance offices, government offices, restaurants, petrol stations, social security offices, doctors and dentists… all employing young, professional people who are marrying, settling and having their own families.