With property ownership comes responsibility. Owning a property overseas does not start and finish as you arrive at and leave the airport. Your property is a major investment for your hard earned cash, and needs to be loved as much during the wet, cold, wintery months, and it is during the warm, dry, summer months.

Our exclusive MTH Housecare service simplifies the burden of this responsibility by packaging together all the key elements of Turkish property ownership.

  • We carry out monthly housechecks throughout the year, and do extra checks during exceptionally inclement weather in the winter months.
  • If there are any issues we provide photographic reports and arrange repair quotes, and oversee any work.
  • We ensure that your utility bills and council taxes are paid up to date.
  • We can arrange a pre-summer visit clean, so that you arrive to a fresh and ready apartment.
  • We can arrange an end of season close down, to make sure everything is put away neatly for the winter break.

Please contact us direct to discuss your property maintenance needs. We can take our basic package and put together a specially tailored annual care programme to suit your own needs.

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