Despite the media bashing and outrageous exaggerations about Turkey, life here in the warmer climes continues pretty much as usual.

And so while those fleeing the war in Syria risk life and limb to seek a better life on the Greek shores and beyond, paradoxically many Europeans are still arriving on Turkish shores seeking a better life.

And so we find ourselves running out of products on the shelf – we are actively seeking Turkish properties to sell, specifically around the Didim peninsula, and Akbuk bay. And while we wait for the approval of a really exciting new project that we’ll be launching in 2017, we’d be happy to help current owners with any Didim and Akbuk properties that you may want to sell or upgrade now.

Please feel free to contact me (Kate) direct at 90 544 3298466. And if you’re in the UK, you don’t even have to come to Turkey – the whole process can be done from your home town.

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