After 15 years of dealing with Turkish property in Altinkum, Didim, we reckon that makes us pretty knowledgeable.

But if you really want to check out for yourself, we offer a completely transparent viewing trip service.

And here’s the deal – you pay for it. And you pay the going rate. You book your own flights, your own accommodation. And we are also more than happy to pick you up from the airport, but we will also charge you for that.

Because we like to deal with serious buyers. Buyers who are interested in the properties, the area, getting a good business deal. Buyers who want to find the right property at the right price.

Buyers who are after a few freebies, and possibly a free holiday, are not our cup of tea.

However, here’s the deal breaker….

If you book accommodation in one of the properties advertised below, and then decide to buy a property through us, then we will refund one week’s worth of accommodation amount for you, AND take you back to the airport free of charge.

I don’t think we can say fairer than that!,-izmir-province/462844,-izmir-province/6832719,-izmir-province/541999

Don’t forget – we’ll ONLY refund if you book one of the above apartments.

Make a booking. Contact us and let us know. And we’ll see you over here. Just drop a quick email to Kate at

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